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Welcome to Teja Restaurant. We will spoil your palate with the most delicious dishes and spices that India has to offer. Add to this a tasty and refreshing cocktail and your visit to the restaurant becomes an experience.

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The Indian cuisine

The Indian cuisine is one of the most varied in the world. It is also called the land of vegetarians. Hindu people do not eat beef because of their religion, Muslims do not eat pork and many Buddhists are vegetarians. Also many Indians cannot afford meat at all, for most it is a luxury good. Therefore, many Indians resort to substitutes, such as rice, pulses and wheat, which are the staple foods for Indians.

The supplements vary from region to region. In the south coconut milk is often served as a side dish, in the north it is yoghurt. In the west of India, millet is served with the dishes, in the east it is rice. In warmer states with a coast, fish dishes are widespread. More detailed information can be found in the texts below.

North India

From the north come mainly hearty meat dishes with lamb, goat or chicken. They are often seasoned with cumin and saffron. Many nuts and dairy products are also used. Flat bread is often served as a side dish.

East India

In the east of India the food is spiced rather mild. Desserts such as Khir are there well known. As in the north, many nuts are processed in the east.

South India

The South Indian cuisine is especially characterized by curry dishes and lots of chili. The subtropical climate of South India offers plenty of fruit and vegetables, including coconuts, which are added to many dishes in the form of coconut milk. Rice serves as a classic side dish and is primarily seasoned with turmeric, tamarind, garlic, ginger and curry.

West India

The west Indian cuisine is the most varied in the whole of India due to its population structure. Especially pork dishes or vegetarian dishes as well as legumes are very popular. In addition to rice, millet is also often offered as a side dish.

Indian bread types


Bakhri is a thin flat bread made from millet flour, because it is fried dry in a pan. It is crispy and soft at the same time and has its origin in West and Central India. It goes very well with curries or chutneys and also stuffed.


This bread is an airy, deep-fried sourdough bread. It consists of all-purpose flour, yoghurt, sugar, salt and baking powder. It is usually served with chickpea curry.


Chapati is a flat bread made from whole wheat flour and ghee. It is crispy and mild and is baked dry in a pan. It is slightly blistered and becomes hollow. It can be served with all kinds of dishes and can be found all over India.


Dosa is a thin, crepe-like flat bread from South India, Sri Lanka, which is baked in a pan with rice flour, yoghurt and ghee. It tastes mild and is soft. It is mainly used for breakfast.


Naan is a flatbread baked in a Tandoori oven from acidified wheat flour, yoghurt, yeast and ghee. It is soft and mild and comes from northern India. It goes very well with all dishes from the Tandoori oven.


Papadam are thin, spiced bread wafers. They are crispy and give a piquant taste. Its origin is in northern India and it serves as a side dish to vegetable dishes, with pastes or as an appetizer.